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yoga underground can guide you to healing and balance--one layer at a time.


true balance

Underground there are springs that nourish the Earth and maintain it's balance and harmony. The underground spring possesses spiritual insights for the seeker who is thirsty enough to drink from it; those who are satisfied by popular culture may never realize what they are lacking.

Underground also represents the deep internal work and discipline a personal practice will take.  All the answers we are seeking can be found within, all you have to do is slow down, take time and listen.

Yoga Underground is not the yoga of popular culture.

It is the a practice that values the teacher/mentor-student relationship, personal experience, and dedicated practice over time to achieve real results.  Your practice will be accessible, self-reliant, self-empowering and complementary to other psychological and/or medical interventions.


Yoga is for everyone, for every body.

Yoga Underground Balance Rocks, Yoga Therapy
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