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Available across the USA via video conference.  Additional in-person option if you are local to Nashville, Tennessee.

private yoga

FREE Introduction Call

15 minutes

A great opportunity to meet Holly and get answers to any questions you may have with regard to yoga or yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy Initial Session

90 minutes


In this session, there will be some intake/discussion, observation, then some movement and breathing.  At the end of the session, you will be provided with a written personal practice.  The follow-up session should be booked for one to two weeks after this session. For students who have previously practiced yoga, it is important to note that these sessions are not a private yoga session, and may sometimes be more discussion than practice. The goal is to give a practice that is tailor made for you. 

Yoga Therapy Follow Up Session

60 minutes


In these sessions, we will discuss your experience with the practice you were given, address and/or adjust it as needed.  After your 3rd session, sessions will be scheduled on an as needed basis.  The most important component being that you keep doing your daily practice.  When you find there are obstacles getting in the way of practice, it is usually a good time to schedule a new session.

Private Yoga Session

60 minutes


These sessions are for those who are not interested in receiving a daily practice, and just looking to have a personal class experience. The session will start with some discussion so that I may design the class to address what is going on in your system.  Clients who prefer to work with Holly this way typically schedule sessions weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed.


Have you been teaching and/or practicing yoga but feel something is missing?  Perhaps it is time for a personal teacher.  The Viniyoga tradition strongly encourages the one-on-one teacher-student relationship.  Our mentorship will begin with a 90 minute session where there will be an intake/discussion, observation, movement and breathing.  As your mentor,  I will create a daily, personal practice for you based on your unique combination of strengths and challenges.  Once you have an established personal practice, our work together will be driven by what is showing up for you.  We can explore deepening your knowledge of asana, breath, chanting, meditation, and yoga philosophy.  The best way to deepen any knowledge is through continued personal experience.  Most of that experience will be derived from your personal practice. 

Financial Aid is available for those who earnestly desire a personal yoga practice but have a financial hardship. 

Contact for details on financial aid or special pricing.



Join Holly in a studio class.

group yoga


New Moon Yoga

Franklin, Tennessee

A vinyasa class where we seamlessly move through a series of poses with the breath.  We explore fluid movement of the body while syncing with the breath for a moving meditation experience to focus the mind and ultimately relax.


Sanctuary for Yoga

Nashville, Tennessee

Designed for beginners, these classes provide a safe environment and are suitable for anyone to experience the benefits of yoga and learn the basics. Focus is on the correct alignment of basic postures within one’s own body and basic transitions between postures.

No experience or flexibility required.

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